Sweetie, Debbie, Kingston & Brian

Sweetie, Debbie, Kingston & Brian

Brian James is a yoga teacher, designer and musician. For the past twenty years he’s been exploring the intersection of yoga, music, psychology and shamanism.

His approach is rooted in the belief that yoga is not about striving toward a physical or spiritual ideal, but rather, that it’s a deeply personal process of embodied awakening to one’s own truth and potential. His mission is to make real yoga accessible to everyone and to support others in developing a life-supporting and life-enriching personal yoga practice. 

Brian is the author of a vinyasa yoga practice manual, Harmonic Movement, creator of numerous yoga practice resources and host of the Medicine Path Podcast. When he’s not out sharing yoga and music medicine, he’s at home practicing the yoga of relationship with his wife Debbie and their two Boston Terriers, Kingston & Sweetie in Montréal, Canada.

“Brian will make yoga entirely your own, efficient, powerful and safe. Please go to Brian.”

— Mark Whitwell, heartofyoga.com

“My mission is to share practices and co-create spaces that help us evolve and transform our way of being in the world so that we can connect more deeply and compassionately with our selves and each other — for the good of our communities, the planet and all beings.”

Yoga and music are powerful ways to connect with your authentic self, which deepens your connection to others, and to the creative energy flowing through all life. A regular practice develops sensitivity, discipline, the ability to listen, clarity of mind, and mental, physical, emotional health and well-being.

My own daily yoga and music practice keeps my creative juices flowing and energizes my work as a teacher, musician and designer. I use this creative energy to help others realize their own professional, personal and creative potential through group yoga instruction, private coaching and mentoring, and volunteering in my community.

As a lifelong student, I continue to learn from my teachers and mentors in the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar lineage, as well as masters in music, movement, shamanism, psychotherapy and other fields.

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Whether you are interested in developing your own yoga practice, developing as a teacher, or finding ways to connect to your musical expression, I can help. Please, feel free to reach out and say “hello”!

Peace and love,