Yoga is a path to the heart. It connects you to your own inner wisdom, strength and creativity. When you act from the heart, you become a positive healing force in your family, community and the wider world.


Workshops & Retreats

Elemental Astrology & Tantrik Vinyasa Yoga
with Brian James & Debbie Stapleton

October 27, 2-5pm
Temple Mile End, Montréal
Cost: $40* / $50
*before Oct 20

October 28, 2-5pm
PranaShanti, Ottawa

Cost: $65* / $75
*before Sept 30

In this workshop, we will explore the 12 signs of the Zodiac from an elemental and archetypal perspective, connecting each to the cycle of the seasons.You will learn about your own Sun Sign, and how it can help reveal an essential component of your nature, purpose and constitution. With this knowledge, we will discover which herbs and Elemental Yogic practices can help bring us balance according to our own particular needs.

You'll be guided through an Elemental Tantrik Yoga practice where we explore mantra, chakra meditation and pranayama techniques to invoke and balance the elemental energies as well as 6 vinyasa mandalas inspired by earth, water, fire, air, sun and moon that you can incorporate into your daily ritual as whole body prayer to the life-giving and life-sustaining forces of nature. The workshop will finish with a restorative sound bath to help with integration. Handouts will be provided.

12-Day Amazon Plant Medicine Retreat for Men
with Brian James & Robert Tindall (The Jaguar That Roams the Mind)

Dec 27 2018 - Jan 9 2019
Mayantuyacu Center
Pucallpa, Peru

Cost: $2000USD

Journey to the Heart
A 12-day Amazon plant medicine retreat for men

Join your guides Robert Tindall (author of The Jaguar That Roams the Mind) and Brian James (yoga teacher & musician) on a special men’s retreat at Mayantuyacu, located deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle and situated along the sacred boiling river, for a 12-day Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine Retreat. Mayantuyacu is a centre dedicated to the study of sacred plants and preservation of indigenous knowledge and is home of legendary Asháninka healer Maestro Juan Flores.

The intention of this pilgrimage is to give us men the opportunity to touch the core of our experience together: the wounding, passion, bliss, and fear of it all.

Whether you are looking to reconnect to your passion and purpose, find more meaning in life, heal old wounds, or cultivate deeper intimacy in your relationships, this retreat offers men the unique opportunity to work with sacred healing plants within a strong, safe and respectful container, guided by a master healer and two experienced and mature male facilitators.

Juan Flores is a true curandero with decades of experience working with plants to cure a variety of ailments, so treatment for specific medical and other conditions at Mayantuyacu is available.

Group Classes

Yoga Studio Classes, Private & Corporate Classes

Yoga Class Types

  • hatha vinyasa yoga

  • beginner to experienced

  • private & corporate classes

  • elder & chair yoga

My group classes combine intelligent, balanced sequencing (vinyasa krama), breath-initiated movement (vinyasa), classical postures (asana), breath practices (pranayama), chanting and meditation. I strive to make yoga fun and accessible to all ages and body types, and create an environment that is safe, inclusive and healing for all. Classes can be adapted to all levels, from perfect beginners to experienced practitioners.

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