Start a personal yoga practice today.
You deserve it.

Everyday Yoga for Everybody is a comprehensive and customizable personal yoga program that can help you move better, feel better, live better and love better — starting with just 7 minutes a day!

This innovative program consists of short vinyasa (breath and movement) sequences that you can practice individually or combine in countless ways to create a personal yoga practice based on your changing needs and daily schedule.

This personalized approach is inspired by the teachings of T Krishnamacharya, the “teacher of the teachers” who would always say, “Do Your Yoga” — meaning not someone else’s yoga program, but your very own, according to your individual physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Start with a simple 7 minute daily practice and immediately feel the positive effects in your body, mind and breath. You can then add to your practice when you have the time, developing sequences that are 7, 15, 30-minutes or longer!

The Vimeo platform allows you to stream the videos to any of your devices or download to use offline whenever and wherever you are!

How to Use the Program

1. Start with the free Principles of Practice video which demonstrates simple guidelines of how to link breath and movement to make your yoga practice safe, effective and powerful. Start putting the principles into practice today!

2. Put the principles into practice in one of the free and easy flow sequences below to get a sense of how vinyasa can be a moving meditation — linking breath, movement and awareness in an integrated and efficient practice. Flow sequences can be repeated any number of times and can be a complete and effective practice on their own. Memorize a couple and take them with you wherever you go!

Sun Salutation 01

Sun Salutation 03

Sun Salutation 02

Earth Salutation

3. Develop your own personal yoga practice, based on your individual physical needs and time available by combining the modular sequences into longer practices. See the examples below for some inspiration (click to enlarge).

Sequencing Tips

All of the sequences can be safely combined in any number of ways, but here are a couple of general tips to help you out:

Create an arc to your practice: begin with simple movements, progress to more complex and energizing movements, and finish with simple and cooling movements.
Find your own flow: link sequences together in a way that creates optimal flow, for example, the sun salutations make a great transition between standing and kneeling positions.
Plan for meditation/rest time: make sure you leave enough time at the end of your breath and movement practice to sit quietly or lie down for at least a few minutes to enjoy the fruits of your practice. The breath and movement helps us relax into stillness, which is very nourishing and healing for our mind and body. Enjoy it, and try to carry that calm, centered presence into the rest of your day.

Enjoy your breath, enjoy your life!
— Brian