Music is the language of the heart.

Brian and Mark Whitwell, Malibu 2015

Music enables direct and immediate experience in the listener rather than merely pointing to the experience through symbolic language or imagery.

Let me help you uncover and develop your own unique connection to musical expression through singing, chanting or your chosen instrument.

musical background

My first band circa 1987 (that’s me on the right)

I’ve enjoyed an almost 30-year relationship with music — beginning with the guitar — and have performed in almost every perceivable context: music competitions, rock bands, contemporary and classical instrumental ensembles, art-noise audio-visual performance, studio recordings and yoga classes. Early on, I studied music theory extensively and attended Berklee College of Music in my teens.

Later, I found my calling in a less cerebral and more instinctual, physical approach to playing the guitar, and let go of much of the striving toward technical perfection and theoretical knowledge that I pursued in my teens. I feel that my personal sound is unique but somewhat undefinable, drawing from the many styles I’ve explored through my love of music; everything from classic rock and heavy metal to funk, reggae, weirdo art punk, Indian classical and African desert blues.

My focus more recently has been on the intentional use of music and sound in a healing context. I credit my time with vocal teachers Silvia Nakkach, Anne Schaefer and chant teacher Sonia Nelson in helping me free my own voice to allow the medicine melodies in my heart to be shared.