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Chants for Peace

4-week series starts May 1, 2016
Sundays, 10-11am (Pacific)


In this 4-week webinar series we will learn various chants for peace, health and wellbeing drawn from the Vedas and passed down through the lineage of T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar.

“Chanting can open our hearts.”
— TKV Desikachar


  • Mental focus and clarity
  • Calming mind & emotions
  • Lengthening of the breath
  • Emotional peace
  • Stimulating or calming energy
  • Confident communication

Areas of Study

  • Basic rules of pronunciation, tone and rhythm  
  • Application of sound in asana practice
  • Chants for health & peace
  • Opening and closing chants for yoga practitioners and teachers


$50 for all four sessions

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