“You gotta have some practice. Otherwise it’s just going to become a memory. And practice means daily — doing something that evokes something of that experience, connecting to what you saw there.”

— Gabor Maté, on integrating the ayahuasca experience into daily life


PEAK integration support

post-entheogenic & kundalini integration


With the increasing use of entheogenic substances (aka “psychedelics”), intense Kundalini yoga practices and Holotropic or shamanic breathwork, comes an increased need for preparatory and integrative practices to empower and guide the participant before, during and after such peak experiences.

The yoga tradition offers a very clear and relevant context, guide and practical method for dealing with the psycho-spiritual material and experience that can be triggered by intentional practices or spontaneous awakening.

The breathing, postural and meditation practices of yoga can be employed in advance of ceremony to help detoxify and clarify physically and mentally, thus empowering the user to maintain greater presence, calm and steadiness while under the effects of the entheogen thereby increasing the possibility for deep psycho-spiritual growth. A pre-ceremony practice can also help clarify the intentions for participating which will help guide the journeyer during and after the peak experience itself.

Post-ceremony, a regular yoga practice can help literally incorporate the experience through breath and postural practice, and psychologically integrate the insights and guidance received through a practice of self-reflection and contemplation. Yoga can help the experiencer re-ground and make practical use of their experience to improve their “regular life”, bringing more clarity, compassion and charity into their daily interactions.

This yoga practice brings me back to the still inner space where the medicine works and where I can meet my true self every day. I’m so grateful to Brian for introducing me to this beautiful, simple and profound practice. It has been an invaluable ally in working with Ayahuasca, and continues to support me in my integration.
— Pieter, London UK


Over the past twenty-plus years, I have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing through various shamanic practices, including the ceremonial use of entheogenic plant medicines. I strongly believe that my daily yoga practice and the lifestyle which is informed by and supports that practice, helped me prepare for and integrate these peak experiences into my daily life and relationships. 

In 2017 I began teaching yoga at the Temple of the Way of Light, an ayahuasca healing centre outside of Iquitos, Peru. You can find out more about the Temple here.

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Receive guidance on preparing for your next entheogenic session or integrating past experiences by developing a daily practice that consists of a blend of breath, movement, contemplation and creative expression. Sometimes even just a single heart-to-heart dialogue with someone who understands the experience can help with the integration process.

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