Everyday Yoga for Everybody

I created this unique program for anyone who is interested in practicing Vinyasa Yoga at home. Vinyasa is a method of combining breath and movement into a moving meditation that is relaxing, energizing and enjoyable! I've selected movements that are designed to be therapeutic — helping to improve strength, core stability, joint health and overall flexibility. A personal yoga practice is one of the best ways to care for your mind, body and spirit.

The program consists of 19 high resolution videos that are designed to help you start a home vinyasa yoga practice. Included in the download:

  • Principles of Practice: how to combine breath and movement so you're practice is safe, effective and enjoyable!
  • Modular vinyasa sequences that you can combine in a myriad of ways
  • 6 complete sequences from 15 minutes to 45 minutes long
  • 3 variations on the sun salutation
  • Gentle chair yoga and restorative sequences
  • Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation
  • User guide

Learn a yoga practice for life!
Only $20 for hours of instructional content.

Once you've made your payment, you'll receive a PDF file that contains a private download link to an 8GB zip file with all the high definition videos.

The videos have been optimized for both mobile and desktop systems and Apple TV, but if for any reason you have trouble viewing the videos, I recommend downloading VLC, a free open source video player.

Patreon Resource & Community Hub

Patreon is like an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, where you can pledge a monthly amount to access high-quality online resources designed to help people like you develop a home yoga practice, and realize my longterm goal of offering low-cost or free teacher trainings for underprivileged people so they can bring yoga into their communities.

I’m creating an online yoga resource library and community that you can access for as little as $5/month. Your subscription helps me purchase new equipment, pay the rent and keep creating practice resources that allow you to practice in the comfort and safety of your home!

Every practice resource I've ever created is now available exclusively on Patreon.

  • 10+ hours of vinyasa yoga videos
  • Harmonic Movement home practice manual
  • Guided pranayama (breathwork) practices
  • Guided meditations
  • Chanting tutorials
  • Music to accompany your practice
  • Workshop and course resources
  • Semi-weekly Livestream Classes

This is the most cost-effective and easy way for you to access the content I create.