Practical tools from the ancient wisdom tradition of Tantrik Hatha Yoga for wholistic health and wellbeing. Compassionate support and open-hearted dialogue to navigate whatever comes up. Here’s how I can help.


Yoga Therapy

Learn a Yoga Practice for Life

I can help you develop a simple but effective yoga practice that is tailored to your individual needs and interests that will help you feel more energized, centered and connected to your inherent inner wisdom and sense of peace and well-being.

1-to-1 Coaching is the only effective way to develop a personal practice that can meet your specific physical, mental and emotional needs. We do this through a wholistic approach that includes the application of yoga postures, breathing, chanting and meditation, supported by open-hearted dialogue and compassionate support. Following our intro session, I’ll design a practice for you to commit to for at least one week, after which we’ll continue to meet regularly to check in, refine and develop your practice, and speak about any issues that may be coming up.

1-to-1 Coaching is for anyone that is looking to take charge of their own personal health and well-being and wants to learn simple and effective tools for resiliency and longevity.

Areas of Focus

• physical pain
• emotional trauma
• addiction recovery
• depression & anxiety
• sexual disfunction
• intimacy in relationships
• stress reduction
• unblocking creativity


$90 Intro Session (1.5 hr)
$75 Follow-Up Sessions (1 hr)
Free Consultation
Available in-person or
Online via Zoom

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Find Clarity and Confidence as a Teacher

Many new teachers that graduate from a typical studio-based training feel overwhelmed by all of the new and sometimes conflicting information they've been handed.

I can help you understand the fundamental concepts of Hatha Yoga, apply them effectively in the teaching of Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation, and show you how to integrate the practices in a way that will give you the confidence you need to be an effective and valued teacher.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring is for anyone who’s taken a teacher training and is looking for more clarity on the philosophical or practical aspects of yoga, and/or seeking to develop their own personal practice — a requirement for true understanding of what you’re teaching. 

Mentoring Topics

• developing a personal practice
• vinyasa krama (intelligent sequencing)
• yoga philosophy & key concepts
• the ethics of being a teacher
• finding your voice
• beyond asana: learn and effectively teach pranayama, chanting and meditation


$60 Individual Session
$150 / 3 Sessions
Free Consultation
Available in-person or
Online via Zoom

The Nectar of Yoga

Initiation Into the Secrets of Tantrik Hatha Yoga

For those who have an established personal practice and are interested in going deeper, I can guide you on an exploration into the “secret” practices of original Tantrik Hatha Yoga that are designed to awaken your full potential.

Many of the original core practices of Hatha Yoga have been lost to time or have been confused by well-intentioned but misinformed teachers. These practices are the key to unlocking the true healing potential of original Tantrik Hatha Yoga, and I can help you to understand them and integrate them into your practice.

Topics to Explore

• going deeper into pranayama
• understanding the yogic body
• kriya, bandha & mudra
• working with the chakras
• the power of bija (seed) mantras


$90 Intro Session (1.5 hr)
$75 Follow-Up Sessions (1 hr)
Free Consultation
Available in-person or
Online via Zoom