“Chanting opens the heart.”

— TKV Desikachar

free your voice

Singing, chanting and toning connect you to your body, breath and self-expression — all of which make up your unique voice. You need not be a “natural singer” or Sanskrit scholar or Buddhist monk to enjoy the many benefits of a daily vocal meditation practice — all you need is your voice and a bit of confidence. Every culture and spiritual tradition around the world utilizes the power of music and sound, and through the practice of the Yoga of Sound, you can connect to this ancestral way of healing in a deeply personal way.

Sound Therapy Sessions

$60-100 / one hour
(you choose sliding scale rate)
Your session can focus on any one of the following methods, or be a combination of all of them. Learn traditional Sanskrit mantras, explore toning or tap into your intuitive creativity through vocal and instrumental meditations.
In-person or online via Skype or Zoom

Sound Therapy Methods


Chanting is the focused repetition of a word, syllable, mantra or prayer that has the immediate effect of calming our mind. Chanting can be done silently or out loud, and the chant itself can be anything that is meaningful to the chanter. All cultures have a tradition of chanting, from the monasteries of Europe, to the temples of Nepal, to the African savanna, to the sweat lodges and pow-wows of Turtle Island (North America). I can help you connect to this ancient healing practice in a way that is accessible and appropriate to you.

Yoga teachers who want to incorporate simple opening and closing mantras into their classes can benefit from some 1-to-1 sessions to learn chants, get clarity on Sanskrit pronunciation and build confidence in a relaxed, supportive environment.


Toning is the prolonged singing of simple vowel sounds which connects us deeply to our breath and instantly clears our mind. Research has shown that toning and humming stimulate the vagus nerve which can help prevent epileptic seizures, alleviate depression and decrease inflammation. With continued practice, toning and humming will literally “tone” the vagus nerve which can help to regulate the nervous system by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. 

“A higher vagal tone index is linked to physical and psychological well-being. A low vagal tone index is linked to inflammation, negative moods, loneliness, and heart attacks.” — Psychology Today

Toning is the easiest way for anyone to experience the immediate benefits of sound healing, and the best part is that you don’t need anything other than what you’ve already got — your breath, your voice and your ability to listen

“Does music heal emotional suffering? Research says yes.

We now know through controlled treatment outcome studies that listening to and playing music is a potent treatment for mental health issues. Research demonstrates that adding music therapy to treatment improves symptoms and social functioning among schizophrenics. Further, music therapy has demonstrated efficacy as an independent treatment for reducing depression, anxiety and chronic pain.  

Music has positive physical effects. It can produce direct biological changes, such as reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.”

— Dr. Mike Friedman, Psychology Today, February 2014


Every culture is connected through the shared tradition of sacred song. These healing sound formulas share a common musical language and I can give you the key to unlocking the medicine melodies in your own heart that are just waiting to be sung or played. Through vocal and/or instrumental meditations, you will develop the ability to deeply listen and free your intuitive creativity so that you can express what’s inside you. These medicine melodies are not just for us, but for the world and they need to be sung.

Sound Journeys

“Thank you for offering such sweet, honest, and nourishing medicine, and for holding a safe, grounded space for exploration.” 

— Jenafor

Sound Journeys are immersive, deeply meditative experiences that require nothing from the participant other than to relax and receive. I can incorporate a Sound Journey as a complement to a physical movement practice or on its own as a more passive experience — though you will be deeply engaged on an internal level. These journeys can be incredibly effective in helping people resolve emotional, psychological and even physical issues of all kinds.


I conduct these on my own privately and in small groups, often enlisting the help of my partner Debbie as part of larger events, combining yoga, sound and herbal medicines to facilitate deep meditative states. 

If you’re interested in incorporating a Sound Journey into your own offerings, I can assist you in developing your own unique approach to creating soundscapes.